Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On a lighter note...

Smithsonian Associates Disclaimer

The "Smithsonian Associates Civil War E-Mail Newsletter" contains this unusual disclaimer at the end of their free news letter:

"The Newsletter Staff takes sole responsibility for any inaccuracies and omissions, as well as for any good stuff you may find here. We regret that we are not staffed to answer extremely vague or extremely specific questions, to settle bar bets, to research esoteric topics, to do your homework, or to write term papers for you, even though any of that would be more interesting than our real jobs. But, we will try to answer all e-mails. (Allow a minimum of two weeks--if you don't hear back, then we can't find the answer either.)"

To visit their web site or to sign up for their newsletter, click on the following link - civilwarstudies.org. They more straightforwardly state that "The largest circulating Civil War digital newsletter includes advanced notice of popular Smithsonian Associates tours, seminars and local Civil War events, as well as a regular trivia quiz (with prizes), and original articles and essays."



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