Friday, August 25, 2006

General Lee's Bad Old Man

General Jubal Anderson Early, whom General Lee affectionately labeled "My Bad Old Man" earned that nickname due to his infamously foul disposition. The web site notes an interchange between Early and General Thomas J. Jackson that typifies this brash, self-confident Confederate's approach to life. says:
    Early had served under Stonewall Jackson, who, one day, noticed a number of stragglers on the road in the rear of Early's marching column. When Jackson's adjutant sent a short note, inquiring why General Jackson had seen so many stragglers, Early replied as follows: "In answer to your note I would state that I think it is probable that the reason you saw so many of my stragglers on the march today is due to the fact that you rode in the rear of my division."
Very few but the most confident and competent officers would have dared say as much.



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