Sunday, August 06, 2006

Gettysburg Casino

Update: August 10, 2006: After writing this article I have heard two other news reports stating that the PGCB aims to award the Pennsylvania casino licenses before the end of the year. They made no mention of initially reported September 2006 date previously discussed. However, the potential for damage to the battlefields remains. So please read on.


On the radio this week, I heard the disquieting news that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, despite legislative pleas for a postponement, hopes to begin awarding casino licenses next month. If you feel as I do, that the attempt to exploit the name, memory, and men of Gettysburg by building a casino near the battlefield should never be, please let the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and other Pennsylvania officials hear your voice. If you would like more information about this issue, I have several links in the menu to the right.

Gettysburg National Cemetery

I have included links to those who have influence concerning this issue. Please write to some or all of them so as not to allow the memory of the thousands who fought and died to suffer the taint of such disrespect and to avoid the resulting damage to the battlefield which so honorably serves as an eternal monument to their deeds and memory.

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

Governor Ed Rendell

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum

Lynn Swann - Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidate

Pennsylvania State Assembly



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