Sunday, April 23, 2006

Antietam - Gods and Generals Cut Scene

About one year ago when I started this blog, I included a plea to anyone who may know how I might obtain a copy of the Director's Cut of the movie "Gettysburg". Having seen the entire uncut film several times, I can honestly say the extended version is both powerful and moving, even more so than the version released to the general public.

Like its cousin, the movie "Gods and Generals" also received its fair share of edits. Below I have posted a link to a clip of the fighting at Antietam which, although filmed for the movie, did not make the theatrical version released a few years ago. The movie had received a fair amount of criticism for what some viewed as its overly romantic flair. This clip available at the link below, if left in the movie, perhaps would have forestalled such talk.

If prompted to download a plug-in, you must proceed at your own risk since I cannot vouch for the safety of any downloads. Also, due to the clips small size you may wish to double its size by clicking on the "2X" that appears when you place your mouse on the viewing screen. You must have RealPlayer to play this clip.

If anyone knows where or how I can obtain a copy of either the Director's Cut of "Gettysburg" or Gods and Generals", I would be forever grateful for such information. You can e-mail me by clicking on the link in the right hand panel of this page.

This clip may not be appropriate for young children.

Gods and Generals: Antietam



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Anonymous said...

I do not have a Google Blogger acount so I apologize for being "anonymous." When I click on the "Antietam clip" I am told that the page cannot be found, I desperatley want to see this scene. Can anyone direct me to a different source for this scene, or can the site designer repair this link if possible. If so I would be deeply grateful.