Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Letter to the PGCB

A copy of a letter sent to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board concerning the proposed Gettysburg casino project.

"I cannot find the words to adequately describe how incensed I am concerning the proposal to build a casino near the Gettysburg Battlefield. Despite the empty promises, no one doubts for a moment that a casino would both threaten the battlefield and dishonor the memories of our ancestors who fought there. The priceless, irreplaceable monuments located not just on the battlefield but throughout the town, most erected by the soldiers to honor their fallen comrades, often are situated precariously close to the roads. The increase in crime, drunk driving, and traffic in general will without question result in increased damage to these monuments through vandalism, theft, and vehicular accidents.

Even more despicable is the exploitation of the memory of the men who on those fields saved a nation. Despite the protestations, no casino proposal would exist if not for the battlefield and the opportunity to profit through association with the name and honored dead of Gettysburg. The Battlefield grounds are Federal land, preserved for all of the citizens of our country. That anyone would attempt to capitalize on the dead who have served our country for the simple pursuit of profit is disgusting in the extreme.

I was born, raised, and continue to live in Pennsylvania. This is a nearly unbearable embarrassment that I hope will never darken the reputation of our good state. No one with any sense of patriotism, history, or pride in their country would entertain the thought of building a casino next to Arlington National Cemetery or Ground Zero in such a blatant attempt to profit from the unquestioned heroism and catastrophic loss. Likewise, no one should ever be permitted to exploit the honored dead of Gettysburg."

Please see my postings below for more information on this sad issue. And if you can, please write to the Gaming Board or your state and federal representatives to express your opposition. I included e-mail links to the governor, Pennsylvania's Senators, and the PGCB in the article A Casino in Gettysburg: The Danger, The Truth.



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