Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Last Chance to Testify Against Gettysburg Casino

I've written several blog articles about the proposed casino in Gettysburg.

A Vision Place of Souls

A Casino in Gettysburg: The Danger, The Truth

No need to restate what's been said. Those supporting the casinos deny the attempt to exploit the honored name and dead of Gettysburg. But without this Battle, the Battle that saw one nation die so another might live, no one would seek to build a casino so close to Gettysburg.

Only three days remain to register to testify against the casino. If you can be present, please do. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has extended the registration deadline to allow for those opposed to present their points of view. Without sufficient voice against the casino, the project will likely go forward. If you cannot be present, please write to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and express your opposition. A casino in Gettysburg will drain area resources, increase crime, and ultimately prove harmful to the ground reserved for a nation to honor its heroic dead. If the living do not steadfastly guard the memory of these men, no one will.

To Register for Public Hearings

To Contact the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board



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