Sunday, February 04, 2007

An Incident in 1913

While reading a very interesting book, "The Gettysburg Gospel", I came upon a brief unexpected passage. The author, Gabor Boritt, parenthetically mentions an incident which occurred at the 50th Anniversary Veterans' Reunion at the Gettysburg Battlefield.

"As the thousands of Yankee and rebel soldiers celebrated together on the old battlefield, at the local hotel a nasty altercation took place. A man claiming to be the son of a Confederate general applied a "vile epithet" to Lincoln. A Union veteran, hearing it, struck the unrepentant rebel, who then went on a rampage, stabbing eight. The war was not over for all of the people."

Although I have not yet finished the book, I have enjoyed it a great deal. It offers multiple perspectives on the Gettysburg Address and how the American public has changed how it views this now sacred document over the decades since 1863. The book begins with a description of the condition of the battlefield and town that by itself is worth the read.



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