Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Minor Monumental Mystery

While visiting the Battlefield at Monocacy, I noticed an oddity concerning the 14th New Jersey Monument. Gracing three of its sides I noticed a star, a cross, and a diamond, the insignia for the 12th, 6th, and 3rd Corps respectively. Wondering about this, I wrote to the National Park Service. I received a quick, courteous, and simple answer from the NPS staff at Monocacy National Battlefield.

They said, "The Monocacy Regiment was assigned to various units throughout the war including the 8th Corps, 3rd Corps, 6th Corps, and 12th Corps." They added that the veterans decided to honor the various Corps with which they had been assigned.

Not only the site of its namesakes battle, the battlefield also plays host to the Best Farm. On those grounds, General Robert E. Lee wrote Special Orders 191, a copy of which eventually fell into the hands of Union General George B. McClellan. This one unlikely occurrence drastically altered the immediate course of events leading to the Battle of Antietam.



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