Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Little Civil War Fun

After all of the tragedy, I thought a little lightheartedness might be in order.

The hosting company for my web site offers a collection of statistics and information concerning how people find my web site, www.brothers One section keeps a list of the links taken to access my site which includes search engines and, if I'm lucky, the questions people have asked to find my site. With no offense intended, I found a few somewhat amusing and thought I’d share. So, in the spirit of that classic question of all Gettysburg inquisitions, "Did they fight behind the monuments during the battle?" here are some of my favorites searches.

"Who were the two men who fought at Gettysburg?"

"Name of that charge at the end of the Gettysburg battle"

"The soldier who survived the Battle of Gettysburg"

"When was the civil war in Gettysburg?"

And, last but not least (I suppose this is just a sign of the times...)

"Sweet Civil War Battles"

My favorite comment heard while walking the fields at Gettysburg had to do with what seemed to be an ongoing argument. Apparently, a wife was angry that her husband drove up to see the "Little Big Top" without her...

A friend of mine who had been a re-enactor tells of a wide-eyed spectator approaching their camp and innocently asking if the fire was real.

Finally, one of my favorite stories comes from the prolific author of Gettysblog. Hours after sunset while helping to patrol the grounds at Gettysburg, a park volunteer found a man strolling slowly around the cannon near The Angle. Aware that walking through the park after dark violates NPS regulations, this volunteer politely let the visitor know of this park rule. The man replied in return that he was waiting for General Armistead’s ghost. Thinking quickly, the volunteer said that the General gets off at 10pm which was a few minutes ago. Dejected, the gentleman expressed his disappointment at missing the General and walked away.

Hope this brought a smile or two.



PS: If you want to read a comical retelling of the history of the American Civil War, check out Camp Chase's A Low-Fact History of the Civil War. The story begins after the page's cartoons.

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