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Historical Landscape & Preservation Artist
Jeff Fioravanti

In July of this year, I posted a blog entry concerning award winning historical landscape and preservation artist Jeff Fioravanti, his work, and his efforts to help preserve historical sites. With equal pleasure, I post below a press release concerning an article about Jeff's work in the November issue of American Artist magazine. This issue will be available very soon so please, pick up a copy and have a look.

If you would like to see the blog entry about Jeff Fioravanti and his work, on the right, you will find a link entitled "Featured Post, Jeff Fioravanti: Painting the Soul of America". I also very much encourage you to visit his web site,, to see for yourself the beautiful works that Jeff has created thus far.

If you will be in the Gettysburg area on October 8, 2005, between 12noon and 4pm, you can enjoy the additional pleasure of meeting Jeff. He will be showing and discussing his work with visitors at the Rupp House at 451 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. You can find more information about the Rupp House by visiting the Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg web site.


Press Release:

November issue of American Artist magazine to include feature on historic landscape artist Jeff Fioravanti

New York, New York (September 17, 2005) - "Painting today, to preserve the past, for tomorrow" It is the mission and inspiration that drives artist Jeff Fioravanti to create tangible pieces of art that showcase not just the deep, physical beauty of America, but art that tells the story of our nation, our people, our struggles and our triumphs. A member of several highly respected art associations, Fioravanti's artwork, and dedication toward helping to preserve our storied lands, will soon be featured in an upcoming edition, November 2005, of American Artist magazine.

"From an early age, I was encouraged and supported by my parents and family in my interests and pursuits in art and history," said Fioravanti. "Today, I'm trying to build upon their teachings; to give something back. To use my art and love of American history to connect people to these treasured lands, upon which great sacrifice occurred, to found our nation and keep that nation whole, before they are lost forever," continued the artist.

Despite many challenges, Fioravanti's "giving back" has met with some solid results upon which the artist hopes to continue to build. In the past two plus years, the artist, through a series of programs, initiatives and fundraisers, has helped raise nearly $20,000 for historic preservation, for organizations and museums in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and his home state of Massachusetts.

"These properties are living classrooms," stated Jeff, "precious not just for their historical significance, but also for the plants, and wildlife that can be found there, and for their recreational value too. These are assets that were earned through blood and sweat by our ancestors. They are shared entities that belong to all of us. As such, is it not then the responsibility of each of us to make certain they remain intact, accessible for all, and for future generations to enjoy? I'm just trying to do my part," concluded the artist.

Since 1937, American Artist magazine has been a leading monthly magazine showcasing representational and figurative artists involved in the North American art scene. A subsidiary of VNU publications, the magazine boasts a circulation over 100,000 and has been a resource of inspiration and information for artists, collectors and others interested in the visual arts. It is available at fine art stores, booksellers and newsstands nationwide. For more information about the magazine, please visit, or contact the editorial department at American Artist (646) 654-5506 or via email at

"Painting today, to preserve the past, for tomorrow" is the mission under which the artist's banner flies, and which, through artwork, the artist attempts to attract attention to the plight of the historic lands, properties, and artifacts of America. To learn more about this mission, and artist Jeff Fioravanti, please visit his web site at or contact him at (781) 595-5961.



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