Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gettysburg Battlefield Threatened

This post is a simple yet earnest plea for your needed help. As you read this, developers continue in their efforts to obtain approval to build a casino just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This blatant attempt to exploit this hallowed ground, the honor of the Gettysburg name, and the memory of those who struggled on those fields should not be considered for a moment much less permitted. During those three hot days in July of 1863, ten thousand men died. Thirty thousand lived but would no longer be whole. The deeds of over one hundred and fifty thousand men propelled our country irrevocably towards "a new birth of freedom" and helped to crystallize the shape of this nation. This should never be forgotten or trivialized.

Please, let your voice be heard about the importance of preserving our shared past. Write to or call those who must listen. If you live in Pennsylvania, have visited Gettysburg, plan to visit Gettysburg, or care about our shared heritage and past, please contact your Representatives, Senators, and government officials. Should you find yourself visiting Gettysburg, let the business owners know of the importance you place on saving these grounds from exploitation and the irreparable harm a casino would cause. Please help preserve the Gettysburg Battlefield as an eternal memorial to the tens of thousands who fought, bled, and died there.

For more information, please visit . If you can, please consider signing their on-line petition and donating to this cause, to our cause.

Thank you.

Very sincerely,



GettysBLOG said...

As usual, very eloquently said, Randy! It is indeed a serious fight to maintain an identity established by the veterans of a battle fought 142 years ago, at the cost of tens of thousands of casualties. While they were fighting for another cause, the battlefield remains today a monument to the largest battle ever fought in the Americas. The significance of the Battle of Gettysburg has become its symbolism for the "new birth of freedom" that Lincoln declared.


ShowMe said...


This breaks my heart, to see the pillage by the unfeeling and uneducated.

Today I posted in the GOPUSA message board, in my Rant over this issue:
the last paragraph:

One armed bandits? Well.....if it's stealing the HISTORICAL ESSENSE of GETTYSBURG....I'd say yes......ONE ARMED BANDITS........are holding up the residents of Gettysburg, and stealing their heritage and their lifestyle.
I do not live in PA but, I'm passing the word.
Keep up your efforts, they are wonderfully written, and I feel your passion.

For Blogs sake, sign me

Randy said...

Thank you both very much for your comments, your respect for our past, and your dedication to preserving our heritage for those yet to come.